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Combining the craft of our coffee, with old style photographic printing

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Conflict in the Coffee

When it comes a morning brew, there are two kinds of people: Those who want it hot and fast. Nothing more, nothing less. And then there are those who will not trust anyone with the task of brewing THEIR cup of coffee. They will not settle on taste nor aroma for the simplicity of a single button brewer. We seek to highlight this artistry, and pair craft with craft. Thats why all images are printed as cyanotypes, which is an old method of printing photography requiring precise printing, painting, exposing, and washing to create a beautifully unique print. The shots could have been printing normally, or this process could have be faked digitally and come close to this style, but it had to be done by hand to maintain authenticity, speaking to the truth of the brand.


We run a series of three print spreads, in home, cooking, and lifestyle magazines.

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Coffee Table Book

This is a book made all from cyanotypes, in which people can purchase to display beautiful imagery and hear more of the history and technique behind their favorite coffee making methods.

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Brew Cards

Sometimes you just want to brew your coffee without the guess work and experimentation. In stores such as Target, or higher end retailers like Crate and Barrel, you can find these brew cards in a coffee isle end cap. They are little cards offering a the exact steps and methods to brew with different Bodum makers for specific tastes and blends. These also double as an introduction to the the world of hand crafted coffee. For those that see these contraptions and have no idea what to do with them, this is a way for them to step right in and succeed in their first cup.


We take over the main Bodum webpage to focus just on the coffee makers. Here users can click through the brewers and read about them as well as see where to buy. They can also read about the process behind the images they see to explore the cyanotype connection.

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Art direction: Ymke Franssen & Harry Werner

Photographer: Ymke Franssen

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